Dear Residential/Business Customer.

We realize that, although some of you want to make an aesthetic change to the façade of your house or business, most of you will call us because you have a maintenance issue or problem.

This is just a simple statistical fact.

Therefore most of you almost have no choice but to make the necessary repairs and this weighs heavy on the wallet.

You see what we’re doing now is “putting ourselves in your shoes”. This is the attitude we take with us when we come to see what needs to be done and we tell you exactly what needs to be done.

We feel this is a simple, yet effective way to save you money, don’t you?
Also, we don’t use misleading tactics such as 10% off coupons. We know you’re too smart to fall for that. Instead we keep our overhead low and buy our materials in bulk—this is how we’re able to keep our prices competitive.

Of course we all realize that not every project is simple or even possible, so we’ll do our best and spend the time to educate you about our findings, and explore different options in tackling your masonry problem.

As you expect, our estimates are free and sometimes we’ve even been known to “talk ourselves out of a job” when we know for a fact that the problem you have is something other than masonry. We will even offer some other trade names and phone numbers if you’d like us to.

And if we refer someone to you, you can bet that it will be someone we would use for our own home.

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